Appellate Opinions

Case Style Case Number Topic Year Document
Romeo vs. City of Sebastian 08-CA-2262 Local Government 2010 Romeo vs. City of Sebastian 08-CA-2262.pdf107.04 KB
Downs vs. State 10-AP-12 Post Conviction 2010 Downs vs. State 10-AP-12.pdf72.9 KB
Lowe vs. State 09-AP-8 County Criminal 2010 Lowe vs. State 09-AP-8.pdf107.28 KB
Turner vs. Loar 09-CA-1917 Local Government 2010 Turner vs. Loar 09-CA-1917.pdf111.65 KB
LK Group vs. Spurrier Investments 10-CA-657 Eviction 2010 LK Group vs. Spurrier Investments 10-CA-657.pdf113.74 KB
Elkhoury vs. Wiseman 08-CA-8287 Attorneys Fees 2010 Elkhoury vs. Wiseman 08-CA-8287.pdf86.83 KB
Ramsey vs. State 08-CA-1138 County Criminal 2010 Ramsey vs. State 08-CA-1138.pdf106.53 KB
Solomon vs. State 08-CA-6864 County Criminal 2009 Solomon vs. State 08-CA-6864.pdf77.99 KB
Carter vs. DHSMV 08-CA-3923 DHSMV 2009 Carter vs. DHSMV 08-CA-3923.pdf21.43 KB
Coldwell Banker vs. Epps 08-CA-1494 Summary Judgement 2009 Coldwell Banker vs. Epps 08-CA-1494.pdf24.51 KB
Nunez vs. State 07-AP-355 Motion to Dismiss 2009 Nunez vs. State 07-AP-355.pdf96.37 KB
Martinez vs. State 08-AP-54 Post Conviction 2009 Martinez vs. State 08-AP-54.pdf88.54 KB
Schaab vs. State 07-11 MARTIN Contempt 2009 Schaab vs. State 07-11 MARTIN.pdf194.7 KB
Dawson vs. DMV 08-CA-2227 DHSMV 2009 Dawson vs. DMV 08-CA-2227.pdf254.94 KB
Troiano vs. State 08-AP-2 Motion to Supress 2009 Troiano vs. State 08-AP-2.pdf17.31 KB
Frazier vs. DMV 08-CA-7444 DHSMV 2009 Frazier vs. DMV 08-CA-7444.pdf195.1 KB
White vs. State 07-AP-60 Motion to Supress 2009 White vs. State 07-AP-60.pdf22.94 KB
Lamb vs. BSA Associates 08-CA-1044 County Civil 2009 Lamb vs. BSA Associates 08-CA-1044.pdf120.5 KB
English vs. Martin Co CILB 07-CA-433 Local Government 2009 English vs. Martin Co CILB 07-CA-433.pdf23.81 KB
Anderson vs. State 08-CA-4642, 4646 Post Conviction 2009 Anderson vs. State 08-CA-4642, 4646.pdf25.69 KB