Judge Barbara W. Bronis

Circuit Judge
Appellate, Civil, Juvenile
Office Address
100 East Ocean Blvd. Suite A363. Stuart, FL 34994
Judicial Assistant
Ellen Raynak

Martin: All Juvenile Dependency Cases including Shelter Hearings daily; Juvenile Delinquency Detention Hearings daily; 75% of Civil Non-Jury Cases (from time of filing), excluding Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Cases; All Jimmy Ryce Cases; All Substance Abuse and Mental Health Cases; All Risk Protection Order Cases.

Additional Information

Paperless Office

The exclusive use of e-mail to send correspondence, such as letters, proposed orders to be signed in chambers and hearing materials, is strongly encouraged. Paper proposed orders may be brought to court hearings, or you may send your proposed order by e-mail in advance of the hearing date. If you bring a paper proposed order to court, additional copies are not necessary. The order will be electronically filed and served through the Florida e-filing portal. Stamped, addressed envelopes are necessary only for copy recipients who must be served by regular mail; and the complete mailing address of those recipients must also appear on the proposed order. Attorneys will be served at their e-mail address designated in the record.

Correspondence should be e-mailed to the judicial assistant at raynake@circuit19.org. Cover letters and hearing materials should be e-mailed in pdf format and proposed orders in Microsoft Word format. All parties should be listed as copy recipients on e-mail messages. Although strongly discouraged, if you lack the ability to transmit documents by e-mail, you may deliver or mail documents to the court and send copies to all parties.

Scheduling of Hearings

Attorneys must use the online scheduling calendar to schedule non-evidentiary Uniform Motion Calendar (UMC) hearings (5 minutes for each side, a total of 10 minutes maximum) as well as special set evidentiary hearings (60 minutes maximum). Parties will be restricted to the time they allotted for the hearing. The calendar will indicate when UMC and special set hearings may be scheduled. An attorney seeking more than 60 minutes for a special set hearing must send an email to the judicial assistant to request court approval. Telephonic appearance by CourtCall is permitted at UMC. Court permission is required for a telephonic appearance at a special set hearing.

The online scheduling calendar is at https://slccjis.stlucieco.gov/attorney_calendar. Users must register to obtain a user ID and password to access the site. An attorney who cancels a hearing must file a notice of cancellation and cancel the hearing on the online scheduling calendar.