Judge Charles A. Schwab

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Circuit Judge
Appellate, Family
Office Address
226 Courthouse Addition. 218 South Second St. Fort Pierce, FL 34950
Judicial Assistant
Gale Knowles

Administrative Judge , Domestic Relations Division/Unified Family Court


St. Lucie: All Juvenile Dependency and Delinquency Cases including Shelter and Detention Hearings daily; Member of St. Lucie County Children’s Services Council.


St. Lucie: One-third of Felony Cases; Assist with Adult Drug Court; Assist with Juvenile Drug Court; Assist with Juvenile Delinquency Cases.

Additional Information

Scheduling Hearings – UMC’S/Special Sets

Please utilize Judge Schwab’s online calendar system to schedule all UMC and Special Set hearings.  Please note all UMC Hearings are 10 minutes or less and are non-evidentiary in nature, as for Special Set hearings they are evidentiary in nature and hearing dates and times must be cleared with opposing counsel, noting same on your Notice of Hearing. Please provide via e-mail all proposed Orders and Notice of Hearing in Word Format to Knowlesg@circuit19.org.   Please provide all e-mail addresses if available so that any Orders/Final Judgments can be provided to all parties.  Should you not have an e-mail address please provide self-addressed stamped envelopes to the Court the day of your 

Also note, Notices of Hearing MUST contain a Good Faith Certification

Notice for Trial

When your case is ready for trial, please provide my office with a Notice for Trial and your case will be scheduled on the next available Case Management Docket. If you are self-represented and wish to inquire about your case status or are looking to schedule a hearing, you may complete a Form A or B (as applicable) at www.circuit19.org.

Post Judgment Cases

All Post Judgment cases must be referred to the Magistrate. Once there is an Order of Referral you may object in a timely manner. Should there be an Objection entered the case then would be heard before the Judge. Should no Objection be filed the case would then remain with the Magistrate and any hearing dates and/or questions would be handled by the Magistrate’s assistant.


Please note, all original pleadings must be filed with the Clerk of Court. It is not this offices responsibility to file original pleadings.

Legal Advice

Should you contact this office with any legal questions and/or advice, please be advised we are not at liberty to provide any legal advice but do advise that contact an attorney of your choosing. Should you have questions about scheduling or any of the office procedures please feel free to contact Gale at 772-462-1470 or e-mail Knowlesg@circuit19.org.

Juvenile Delinquency

To schedule a juvenile delinquency hearing please contact the Juvenile Clerk's Office at (772) 462-6800.


Please be advised that you must contact the domestic violence clerk at (772) 462-6911 to schedule any and all hearings in domestic violence cases. Do not schedule domestic violence hearings on the court’s online calendar.


Please do not fax to this office without prior approval. Faxes received by this office without prior approval will not be considered by the court.

** Please see below to read PROCEDURES before contacting the Judge's office.**

Family Mediation

Family mediation involves parties to a divorce, paternity, or similar family matter. Parties having a combined income of up to $100,000.00 may utilize the 19th Judicial Circuit Mediation Program. The mediators assist parties in identifying issues, solutions and alternatives, always keeping in mind the best interests of their children when children are involved. The mediator’s objective during the session is to help parties reach a mutually acceptable agreement on disputed issues: parenting arrangements, child support, property/debt division, and other issues.

Please see our Mediation Program Tab on the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit website for further information.

When submitting an order of referral to Family Mediation, your cover letter must state the combined income for the parties and that both parties have current financial affidavits of record. Please use the form Order of Referral to Family Mediation.