Judge Michael C. Heisey


St. Lucie: 50% of Domestic Relations Cases, including Injunctions for Protection (A-K of the alphabet).

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Please carefully review the Court’s posted procedures – Family Procedures SLC

Until Further Notice All Evidentiary Matters Shall Be Conducted In Person

Including all Domestic Violence Proceedings


Until further notice, all evidentiary hearings are IN-PERSON.  Hard copies of any evidence that is to be presented during the hearing shall be brought to the courtroom to be pre-marked by the clerk before the scheduled hearing time.  All evidence must be pre-marked.  DO NOT submit your evidence to the judge’s office prior to the hearing.  The Court WILL NOT review or consider any evidence before it is admitted during the hearing.  Zoom testimony will not be permitted without express prior approval of the Court.

Until Further Notice, it is Preferred that all Non-Evidentiary Proceedings shall be Conducted Remotely with No Person to Person Contact

See COVID-19-Zoom SLC Family Memo and/or Family Procedures SLC


DO NOT submit “Agreed Orders” to this Office.  If a stipulation, file the signed stipulation and submit a copy along with a separate proposed order on same, in WORD format.

All Uncontested Petitions for Dissolution of Marriage Require a Final Hearing

POST JUDGEMENT MATTERS:  All Post Judgment cases must be referred to the Magistrate.  You must provide a proposed Order of Referral to Magistrate setting forth the relevant pleadings, via email along with a copy of the Motion and/or Modification. Once the Order of Referral is signed by the Judge you may object in a timely manner.  Should there be an Objection entered, the case then would be heard before the Judge.  Should no Objection be filed the case would then remain with the Magistrate and any hearing dates and/or questions would be handled by the Magistrate’s Assistant.

SCHEDULING:  Judge Heisey is utilizing the online scheduling calendar for hearings up to one hour, “piggy-backing” is not allowed.  Please refer to the Court’s posted procedures for this and the procedures for obtaining hearing dates and times for matters that require more than one hour for hearing.


The hearing packet must contain a copy of the filed motion(s) and notice of hearing along with a proposed order, at least five (5) business days in advance of the hearing.  Ideally, the entire packet should be submitted to the court in one email.  Documents attached to an email must be named according to the court’s procedures.  Short style, short case number and short name of document.  Example:  Doe v Doe 20DR41 O Vacate.   Exhibits to a Final Judgment must be included in the hearing packet.  They must be properly marked as referenced in the final judgment. The document name must indicate that it is an exhibit.  Document name example:  Doe v Doe 21DR32 Exhibit A MSA (Marital Settlement Agreement) (or simply Exhibit A).  If you reschedule a hearing, be sure to resubmit the motion, amended or re-notice of hearing and the proposed order for the new hearing date. 


SUPREME COURT MANDATED NUMBERING SYSTEM:  Your documents must utilize the Supreme Court Mandate numbering system, which includes the county code of 56.  Example: 562020DR000041.


January 20, 2021