Honorable Judge Jennifer Alcorta Waters

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Martin: One-third of Martin County Court Cases; Assist with Felony Cases; Assist with Juvenile Delinquency Cases; Juvenile Drug Court; Supervision of Traffic Magistrates for all Civil Traffic matters.

Until a replacement is named attorneys seeking to set hearings on civil matters shall call the Judge’s office at 772-288-5556 and the matter shall be set on either Judge Steele or Judge Roberts calendar by the Judicial Assistant.

All circuit court matters pending with Judge Disque will be reset or reassigned by the Chief Judge

Small claims Pretrial conferences and dockets will be set per the Clerk; either Judge Roberts or Judge Steele will preside over these matters based on scheduling availability. Trials from those dockets shall be set on either Judge Roberts or Judge Steele’s calendars depending on availability.

All mandatory traffic, non criminal citations, etc shall be set on the first Wednesday of the month in accord with established procedures. Either Judge Roberts or Judge Steele shall preside over these matters depending on availability.

All paperwork previously assigned to Judge Disque shall continue to be sent to the Judge’s Office and the Judicial Assistant will have the paperwork reviewed by either Judge Roberts or Judge Steele.

Judge Steele shall be the acting Supervisor for Traffic Magistrates.


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