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Please be on alert for fraudulent telephone calls targeting victims to pay a large fine or fee to avoid legal action.  Recent uptick of phone scams are occurring in the Treasure Coast area.

In the scam, the caller identifies themself as a “detective” and advises the victim was subpoenaed for court before a judge and is now being fined $5,000 for failure to appear.  They continue to solicit the victim to pay the fine of $5,000 over the phone for a failure to appear.  In further attempt to scare the victim, the caller will tell the victim that there exists a warrant for arrest and that they need to pay or turn themselves in.

This is a SCAM.  Please know court officials will never demand payment over the phone.

If you receive any suspicious calls asking for money or a money transfer or threatening a fine or court appearance, please hang up immediately and alert your local Sheriff’s department of the call.

Additionally, to report fraud or file a complaint to the Attorney General, visit MyFloridaLegal.com or call 1(866) 9NO-SCAM.

For more information on scams you may visit the Attorney General’s  website: https://www.myfloridalegal.com/ScamsAtAGlance


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