Appellate Opinions

Case Style Case Number Topic Year Document
Kosar vs. DHSMV 19-AP-20 19-AP-20 DHSMV 2020 Kosar v. DHSMV 19-AP-20.pdf13.15 KB
Brown vs. Brown 19-CC-12 Eviction 2020 Brown vs. Brown 19-AP-12.pdf22.51 KB
Pelican Island vs. City of Sebastian 19-AP-142 Local Government 2020 Pelican Island v. City of Sebastian 19-AP-142.pdf16.81 KB
River Pines HOA vs. Edward Ryan, et. al. 18-AP-4 Homeowners Association 2019 River Pines HOA vs. Edward Ryan, et. al. 18-AP-4.pdf17.92 KB
Alaimo vs. State 18-AP-7 18-AP-7 County Criminal 2019 Alaimo vs. State 18-AP-7.pdf22.7 KB
Bader vs. Velocity 18-AP-32 County Civil 2019 Bader vs. Velocity 18-AP-32.pdf12.88 KB
Albritton vs. State 18-AP-26 County Criminal 2019 Albritton vs. State 18-AP-26.pdf16.33 KB
Morrison vs. Bethany Ct Apts 19-AP-9 Eviction 2019 Morrison v. Bethany Ct Apts 19-AP-9.pdf21.8 KB
Toquon vs. Universal 18-AP-19 Summary Judgement 2019 Toquon vs. Universal 18-AP-19.pdf36.26 KB
Contreras vs. State 19-AP-5 County Civil 2019 Contreras vs. State 19-AP-5.pdf21.41 KB
Del Negro vs. Kelly 18-AP-18 County Civil 2019 Del Negro vs. Kelly 18-AP-18.pdf21.89 KB
Scozzari vs. State 18-AP-2 Contempt 2019 Scozzari vs. State 18-AP-2.pdf19.8 KB
Warren B Ranch et al vs. Okee Co et a 17-AP-296 Local Government 2019 Warren B Ranch et al vs. Okee Co et al 17-AP-296.pdf107.13 KB
FWC vs. Sickel 18-AP-3 Petition for Writ of Certiorari 2019 FWC vs. Sickel 18-AP-3.pdf27.87 KB
Zero 6 vs. Safeco Ins 18-AP-1 Small Claims 2019 Zero 6 vs. Safeco Ins 18-AP-1.pdf21.78 KB
Millan vs. DHSMV 18-AP-2 DHSMV 2018 Millan vs. DHSMV 18-AP-2.pdf71.34 KB
Schaeffer vs. DHSMV 18-AP-239 DHSMV 2018 Schaeffer vs. DHSMV 18-AP-239.pdf18.43 KB
McClelland vs. DHSMV 18-AP-5 DHSMV 2018 McClelland vs. DHSMV 18-AP-5.pdf118.49 KB
RG Towers et al vs. Martin Co et al 16-AP-20 Local Government 2018 RG Towers et al vs. Martin Co et al 16-AP-20.pdf117.87 KB
Cisnero vs. State 17-AP-5 Motion to Dismiss 2018 Cisnero vs. State 17-AP-5.pdf98.79 KB