Form B: Request for Hearing of Pleading/Motion in Open Department of Revenue/Child Support Enforcement Case

Use this form only when your case has already been filed and you are requesting a hearing date and time. It is only to be used for open child support cases involving the Department of Revenue/Child Support Enforcement. If your case does not involve the Department of Revenue/Child Support Enforcement, you must use Form A for assistance.

Due to increases in caseloads and the Court's interest in improving responsiveness and accountability, most business will be conducted by mail. You must submit a separate Form B each time you request assistance. You should receive a response by phone or email within approximately 48 hours or 15 business days by mail. Case Management personnel, Hearing Officers’ assistants, and Deputy Clerks are not allowed to fill out your forms or provide you with legal advice.

This document is not a pleading/motion. In addition to this form, you must also file a pleading/motion and/or other required papers prior to submitting this form – all documents should be submitted to the Clerk of Court.

Please answer the following before proceeding:

  1. Are you a party in an open child support case? If YES, go to question 2.
    If NO, you cannot use this form.
  2. Is this a Florida Department of Revenue or Child Support Enforcement case?
    If YES, you may use this form. (If NO, you cannot use this form. Use Form A.)

Information About the Case Inquired

County of Case
Type of Pleading/Motion you have filed

Name and Address of Other Party

Name and Address of Person Requesting Self-Help Assistance

  • You will be notified of your hearing date/time by mail.
  • Use of this form is limited to obtaining hearing date/time.
  • No case management services will be provided at this time.