Bankruptcy 101 - A Primer for State Court Judges

“Bankruptcy 101 – A Primer for State Court Judges” was held at the Martin County courthouse in Stuart, FL on January 31, 2020. The event was prepared and presented by the Bankruptcy Judges of the Southern District of Florida. The Nineteenth Judicial Circuit Judges from all four counties: Indian River, Martin, Okeechobee and St. Lucie counties were invited to attend and learn about bankruptcy procedures - as hosted by Judge Mindy Mora and Judge Erik Kimball.

The primary purpose of bankruptcy law is to help people who can no longer pay their creditors by liquidating their assets to pay debts, or by creating a repayment plan which provides them with a fresh start. Bankruptcy laws also protect troubled businesses and provide for orderly distributions to business creditors through reorganization or liquidation. Topics covered in the training event included: Chapter 7 - Liquidation, Chapter 9 – Municipalities and Chapter 11- Reorganization, bankruptcy discharges, property of the state, inheritance, family law, and foreclosure.