Your Courts Up Close February 20, 2024

The first sessions of the community outreach event, Your Courts Up Close, was held on February 20, 2024. Your Courts Up Close is a free event hosted by Judge Daryl Isenhower of St. Lucie County. The Nineteenth Judicial Circuit has hosted this program annually for the past seven years. Attendees include a wide variety of community members, from retirees to high school students. The attendees are able to learn about court operations and the role of a judge in the judicial system. Various judges around the circuit volunteer their time to present on a mix of court related topics to the community at large.

Your Courts Up Close is held in the jury assembly room at the Ft. Pierce courthouse located at 218 South 2nd St., Ft. Pierce, FL. During the first presentation, Circuit Judge Sherwood Bauer provided an engaging presentation on family courts. His presentation on the divorce process, marital property and other related issues was insightful and participants asked questions about family law matters.

Indian River County Judge Nicole Menz gave an insightful presentation on garnishment judgements, their limits, and the procedures after obtaining a judgment. Upon the conclusion of this presentation, Judge Menz answered questions from those in attendance.

Anyone who is interested in attending Your Courts Up Close can still register for an upcoming session. It is not too late to be included. Please call 772-807-4370 or register online at under the “Forms” section of the website.