Judge Kathleen H. Roberts


One-third of Martin County Court Cases; County Election Canvassing Board



  • University of Florida, BA Criminology and Law 1990
  • University of Florida, JD 1993

Judicial Experience

  • Appointed by Governor Bush December 2005, commissioned January 2006


Additional Information

Please contact the Judicial Assistant Linda Caldwell by phone (772-419-5370) or by email CaldwellL@circuit19.org; to schedule any hearings. When filing the notice of hearing with the clerk and serving it upon the appropriate parties, please also send a copy to Ms. Caldwell so that the date and time have been confirmed on the docket.

There are no telephonic hearings for criminal court. All evidentiary hearings must be attended by the defendants, even if there is a proper waiver of appearance on file.

Waivers of Appearance for Criminal Defendants must conform with Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure 3.180(3). The Defendant must sign the waiver of appearance and the waiver must be made part of the court file.

Landlord-Tenant Cases

Please note that while electronic filing is encouraged for all documents, this office recognizes that there many pro se litigants in landlord-tenant cases. If you are filing a complaint in a landlord-tenant case, you must provide the proper number of envelopes and accompanying postage to accommodate any order that may be signed by the court. The clerk will not bring the case to the Judge’s attention (ie an answer being filed) unless this requirement has been satisfied, which may result in a delay in the resolution of your case. For further information on landlord-tenant procedures, please refer to the Procedures section.

In the event that the Clerk has entered a default for a possession claim in a landlord-tenant case, on any case that has not been filed by a pro se litigant, the Court requires a proof of claim/verification of claim by the plaintiff before a default final judgment will be signed.

Courtroom Rules

  • Proper Courtroom attire is expected.
  • Attorneys are to be appropriately and professionally dressed.
  • Anyone who is expecting to be in the courtroom is to be appropriately dressed:
    • Shorts are not permitted in the courtroom.
    • Shoulders must be covered.
    • Skirts are to be of modest length.
    • Tops/blouses are to be of modest coverage.
  • Absent invitation by the Court, children are not permitted in the courtroom with the exception of a child who has been subpoenaed as a witness.