Judge Michael J. McNicholas


50% of all Domestic Relations cases including Injunctions for Protection (all even assigned DR case numbers); All Felony Cases; All substance abuse and mental health court cases (i.e. Baker and Marchman Act); All Risk Protection Order Cases; All Juvenile Delinquency Cases, including Detention Hearings.

Additional Information

The court encourages the use of email for delivery of notices of hearing, motions, pleadings, memoranda, three-ring-binder materials, letters, stipulations, and proposed orders to be signed in chambers. Paper copies of proposed orders and stamped envelopes are still necessary for orders to be signed in the courtroom.

Use of Email

This court accepts service of motions, cover letters, and proposed orders by email per Rule 2.516. This is a substitute for service by mail. Documents are to be attached to the email. This court will not engage in communication with counsel and parties by email beyond transmittal of attachments.