Audio Visual Request

The 70” touch screen display is made available to attorneys appearing before a Judge or Magistrate of the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit on a first come-first serve basis. It will be the responsibility of the attorney using the device to connect/disconnect the equipment and return it to its original location after use.

Reservation Requirements

  • Must be reserved a minimum of five (5) workings days ahead of the requested date of use
  • Cannot be reserved more than three (3) weeks in advance
  • The user must assume all responsibility for the equipment’s use during their presentation
  • If you have questions about reservations or reservation status you may email
  • If you have questions on how to use the equipment you may:
  • To make or cancel a reservation click on the button below and fill out the form.

Reserve Here

Equipment and Software Provided


  • 70” touch screen display on rolling cart
  • Electronic pen **Please use only the electronic pen provided, as a dry erase marker or regular marker will permanently damage the screen**
  • Eraser (can be used only for erasing the marks from the electronic pen)
  • Remote Control
  • DVD Player
  • USB-Thumb drive reader
  • Extension cord


  • Windows 10 Operating System
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Microsoft Word Reader
  • Microsoft Excel Reader
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Reader (Please note: The PowerPoint reader will not play video embedded in a PowerPoint Presentation)

Video Tutorials and Guide

Please check this page frequently for updated information