Court Technology

The use of technology in the Court System is an essential component to enhance the efficiency of the Judicial Branch of Government. The 19th Judicial Circuit Court technology staff includes the Court Technology Officer, two Senior Network Support Analysts, one Court Technology Specialist – A/V/Web, and one Network Desktop Support Technician. Responsibilities of the Court Technology staff include planning, development, managing, and evaluating computer and communications technologies, operations, and services for the 19th Judicial Circuit Court. Primary systems to be configured and managed include network devices and connections, data servers, e-mail system, system management applications, anti-virus and anti-spam software, Internet access, desktop and laptop computers, printers, and video conferencing systems. Secondary responsibilities include website management, class instruction for software applications used by Court employees, video recording, support of telephone and voice conferencing systems, help desk support, and Digital Court Reporting system support.

Court Technology needs are frequently assessed including strategic planning, evaluation of new technology and software applications. Recommendations to the local Judicial Technology Committee, Chief Judge, and other Court management employees are made by Court Technology staff for priorities in allocation of resources, including expenditures for system enhancement and replacement. Court information, data integrity, system standards, policies, and guidelines set forth by the Florida Court Technology Commission are provided by this Division. Working relationships are established with all Judges, Court Administration, Clerk of the Court, local government, the Office of State Courts Administrator, and other state and local offices in the Criminal Justice System in order to best meet the technology goals of the 19th Judicial Circuit Court.