Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I obtain proof of my court proceeding?
    You would contact Court Reporting Services and request a certified transcript or a certified audio CD of the proceedings.

  2. If I don’t remember my case number or the date(s) of my court hearings, how can I obtain that information?
    You would contact the Clerk of Court’s office in which the hearing took place and make those inquiries with them.

  3. How do I know if my proceeding was digitally recorded?
    Your proceeding was digitally recorded if it was heard before a hearing officer, general magistrate, or if it was a non-civil proceeding required to be recorded at public expense.

  4. What is a transcript?
    A transcript is a printed version of words spoken/testimony previously given in a court proceeding.

  5. Is the transcript free or does it transcript cost money?
    No, the transcript is not free. The cost of each transcript varies according to the length of the transcript.

  6. Can I pay for my transcript after it has been completed?
    No. All transcript requests require 50% deposit of the estimated cost before transcription can begin.

  7. How long is the turnaround time for a transcript quote?
    Three (3) to five (5) business days.

  8. How is the transcript cost determined?
    The transcript cost is determined by the page, which is determined by the length of the proceeding.
    There is a per page rate as follows:
    Original and one copy rate: $3.50
    Copy of previously prepared transcript: $1.00 per page

  9. Can I order a transcript on an expedited basis?
    Yes, you can, but only if that service is available at the time.

  10. What is the cost of an expedited transcript?
    (WHEN THIS SERVICE IS AVAILABLE, up to a maximum of 200 pages)
    Original and one copy rate expedited up to 2 business days: $5.50 per page
    Original and one copy rate expedited 3-5 business days: $5.00 per page

  11. What form of payment is acceptable?
    The only acceptable forms are money order, bank cashier’s check or attorney’s check. Cash is not accepted.

  12. Who do I make payment out to?
    State of Florida.

  13. Where do I mail payment?
    Payment should be mailed to:
    Court Reporting Services
    Nineteenth Judicial Circuit
    218 South Second Street
    Fort Pierce, FL 34950

  14. How much is the cost of an audio CD?
    The cost is $25.00

  15. How long is the turnaround time for an audio CD?
    Once payment is received, twenty-four (24) hours.

  16. If I order an audio CD, can I type the transcript myself?
    No. Only a 19th Judicial Circuit court approved transcriber should type the transcript.

  17. Will the audio CD play on my MAC computer?
    No, it will not.

  18. If I still have questions, who can I call to ask?
    You can call the Court Reporting Services department at (772) 462-1879.